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Orion4Sight Sun Glasses Gray
Orion4Sight Sun Glasses Gray
Orion4Sight Sun Glasses Gray
Orion Sunglasses
Orion Glasses

Orion 4 Sight Sunglasses Gray

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Price: $125.95

Orion4Sight Sunglasses and Eyewear embodies today’s newest and most advanced Vision Technologies available. You can use this eyewear for nearly any activity, including sport and leisure outdoor events, and of course driving.

Optical Eyewear Filters selectively regulate individual wavelengths of light to minimize the visual sensation of overwhelming brightness. This unique filtering process attains an optimum balance of photopic (day) and scotopic (night) vision along with improved scene contrast yielding improved visual acuity.

The Orion4Sight glass lenses are built to safety standards of ANSI Z-87 and block harmful Ultraviolet A and B light. Orion4Sight lenses also have a very durable anti-scratch coating and an anti-fog coating on the back surface.

Orion 4 Sight Sunglasses Gray


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